Advance Finance Role Readiness Program (A-FRRP)

Financial experts require cutting-edge knowledge in the cutthroat economic environment of today. As a result, the foundational B-FRRP was expanded upon with the launch of the Advance Finance Role Readiness Program (A-FRRP). A-FRRP, which focuses on financial processes within businesses, is intended for B. Com. fourth semester students.

Filling the Void

 A-FRRP offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for future jobs in finance by bridging the gap between theory and practical application in the field of finance.

Payables by Account (AP)

The crucial AP procedure, which deals with sending payments to suppliers and vendors, is covered by A-FRRP. Students have a thorough understanding of this important financial responsibility by learning about invoice processing, vendor management, and payment reconciliations.

Receivables for Accounts (AR)

 Students enrolled in the program will also learn about the Accounts Receivable (AR) procedure, which handles receiving payments from clients. It’s essential to comprehend AR for both client relations and cash flow. AR systems, credit management, collection procedures, and aged receivables analysis are all covered by A-FRRP.

Broad Financial Purpose

Beyond AP and AR, A-FRRP examines financial analysis, reporting, budgeting, forecasting, tax compliance, and risk management. This extensive curriculum gives students a competitive edge in the labor market by preparing them to handle a variety of financial duties.

Engaging Learning

A-FRRP employs a variety of instructional strategies, such as case studies, expert conversations, lectures, and practical exercises. With this method, students may put their knowledge to use, hone their problem-solving abilities, and have real-world experience with financial procedures


Technology Employed

The program makes use of industry-standard financial technologies and software. Students gain practical experience that improves their skills and familiarizes them with technologies used in real-world finance.

Setting Up for Success  

Students are well-prepared for a job in finance after completing A-FRRP. They can boldly take on the issues of the finance business since they have a thorough understanding of AP and AR as well as other financial areas.