CA. Sowjanya G.K

Founder and CEO at SGK Skill Solutions

Sowjanya GK, a distinguished Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience, is an entrepreneurial trailblazer based in Bangalore. Her unwavering commitment to excellence defines her professional journey, where she pioneers innovative upskilling projects tailored for students, corporates, and business owners in the finance sector. As the driving force behind SGK Skill Solutions, Sowjanya utilizes her profound knowledge and expertise to enhance the skills and knowledge base of individuals in finance. Her dedication to empowering others through education underscores her pivotal role as a leader in the industry, leaving a lasting impact on the professional landscape.

Entity Associations

  • GSARK & Associates, Partner: Served as a practicing Chartered Accountant, demonstrating expertise and leadership within the firm, contributing significantly to its success.
  • KPMG India, Bangalore: Engaged with the Accounting Advisory Services team, where exceptional performance earned accolades including the prestigious Rising Star and Above and Beyond awards, showcasing a dedication to excellence in the professional realm.
  • IBS Bangalore: Acted as a faculty member, imparting knowledge and guidance to MBA students. Recognized for teaching excellence with the esteemed ‘IBSAF Best Teacher Award – 2014’ by the IBS Alumni Federation, a testament to outstanding teaching capabilities and mentorship.
  • Rangaraju & Associates, Chartered Accountants: Offered consultancy services for Assurance and Consulting Projects, demonstrating a depth of knowledge and proficiency in complex financial matters, contributing significantly to the success of the projects undertaken.
  • Deloitte: Completed articleship, gaining invaluable experience and honing skills under the tutelage of experts in the industry, laying the foundation for a successful and accomplished career in the field of finance.

Relative Experience

  • Customized Finance Awareness and Upskilling Programs: Proficient in tailoring specialized finance awareness and upskilling initiatives for corporate entities, showcasing expertise in designing targeted programs to enhance financial knowledge and skills among professionals.
  • Comprehensive Learning Solutions: Boasts extensive experience in delivering learning solutions encompassing Accounting, Finance, Costing, and Management subjects. Additionally, well-versed in technical areas such as US GAAP, IFRS, and Ind AS, demonstrating a multifaceted proficiency in diverse financial disciplines.
  • Advisory and Consulting Expertise: Possesses a wealth of experience in providing advisory and consulting solutions, indicating a deep understanding of intricate financial challenges faced by businesses. Proven ability to offer strategic guidance and actionable insights, contributing significantly to the success of various projects and clients.

CMA. Gopal VK

Co-Founder at SGK Skill Solution

  • Sri Gopal V. K. is a highly qualified professional with a rich background in finance and management. He holds prestigious qualifications as a Cost and Management Accountant and SAS graduate from Bengaluru University, showcasing his strong academic foundation. With over 50 years of experience, he has been instrumental in diverse projects across sectors, specializing in Audit, Consulting, and Advisory services for Public, Private, and Government entities.
  • Currently, Sri Gopal plays a pivotal role as a strategic advisor to senior personnel within corporate entities. His expertise lies in enhancing the performance of individuals and driving tangible improvements in organizational outcomes. He focuses on providing valuable strategic inputs and advice tailored to senior levels, contributing significantly to the growth and success of the organizations he advises.
  • In addition to his advisory role, Sri Gopal is an active practitioner in the field of finance. He practices as a Cost and Management Accountant and has been associated with KSS, VKG & Associates as their promoter partner since 2005. This hands-on experience keeps him well-informed about industry intricacies, ensuring that his advice is rooted in practical insights and current market trends.
  • Sri Gopal’s expertise is further enriched by his extensive experience gained from audit assignments with both state and central government entities, spanning over a decade. Combined with his managerial background in a reputable corporate entity, he possesses a unique advantage. This distinct blend of government and corporate insights equips him to provide high-end advisory services, giving him a competitive edge in the finance industry.
  • Sri Gopal V. K.’s multifaceted expertise, spanning academia, practical experience, and government involvement, underscores his prominence as a leading figure in the finance and management domain.

Relative Experience

  • Distinguished Government Service: With a decade-long tenure in the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) office, Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IA&AD), Government of India, Bengaluru, he served as an Auditor for 5 years, displaying meticulous attention to detail and precision in financial auditing. Later, he advanced to the role of Audit Officer, showcasing his expertise and dedication in financial scrutiny.


  • Versatile Audit Experience: During his tenure with CAG, he conducted comprehensive audits of various government entities, including manufacturing and commercial ventures. His audit assignments encompassed significant organizations such as Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), Government Soap Factory, Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Plant (VISL), and Silk Filatures. He also audited prominent Government of India undertakings like HAL, ITI, BEL, BHEL, and HMT, demonstrating his proficiency in auditing diverse sectors.


  • Strategic Role in HMT Bengaluru: Following his impactful audit assignments, he transitioned to HMT Bengaluru, where he held the position of Deputy Manager, Finance and Accounts. In this role, he contributed significantly to the financial management of the organization, showcasing his strategic acumen and financial expertise.


  • Progressive Career at HMT : His journey at HMT was marked by continuous growth and leadership. He served in various capacities and locations within HMT, displaying adaptability and resilience. His dedication and commitment to financial excellence led him to the esteemed position of General Manager, a testament to his remarkable contributions and leadership skills.

Venkatesh P.S

Insights Innovator

Venkatesh is a data science specialist with a Master’s in Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. His expertise includes Python, SQL, Power BI, and various data analysis tools, making him a key player in data-driven projects. Venkatesh is passionate about teaching practical skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Power BI, aiming to enhance career and technology role productivity. His certifications and project experience in data science and machine learning underscore his commitment to continuous learning and skill application.

Ranjith HC

Steer of Finance Operations

Ranjith is an experienced finance professional specializing in accounts, finance, and taxation, with hands-on experience in professional settings. He brings a solid foundation in accounting practices and financial management, and is proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and GST reconciliation. Ranjith plays a crucial role at S.G.K Skill Solutions, overseeing financial operations and optimizing financial strategies, leveraging his skills to enhance financial processes and practices.

Punith J

Steer of IT Operations

Punith is a highly skilled IT professional with a strong academic background in Computer Science, holding degrees from The National Degree College Basavanagudi and REVA University. His professional journey includes an impressive internship in cybersecurity and a diverse portfolio in machine learning, software development, and cybersecurity. He’s also a certified expert in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and programming. Currently, Punith focuses on enhancing his technical skills, with a particular passion for AI and cybersecurity, while contributing his expertise in data management and visualization as a Power BI expert at S.G.K Skill Solutions.


Project Associate

Dinesh is a proactive and result-driven professional specializing in business development, marketing campaigns, and sales project coordination. His experience includes valuable contributions in enhancing sales processes and resolving operational issues. With an academic background in commerce and skills in Microsoft Office, Dinesh blends practical expertise with theoretical knowledge. His dedication to continuous improvement and team collaboration make him an asset to our business development efforts.

Kadambari K

Growth Catalyst

Kadambari is a dynamic professional with a finance degree from MES Degree College. She excels in applying financial knowledge practically, combining analytical skills with experience in data management and stock handling. Her diverse expertise, including patient care and a commitment to continuous learning, makes her a valuable asset in finance and data-related roles. Kadambari’s mission is to empower professionals and students with practical skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Power BI, enhancing their career and productivity in technology roles.

Chethan M

Steer of Learning Solutions

Chethan M is the Steer of Learning Solutions at S.G.K Skill Solutions. He is proactive, skilled in business administration, financial analysis, and logistics support, and proficient in MS Office and Tally ERP9. With a Master’s in Commerce from Bangalore University, he is adept at task prioritization and improving team efficiency. His mission is to empower professionals and students with practical Microsoft Office skills. Chethan has been recognized for his academic achievements and has relevant experience in logistics and financial analysis at Wells Fargo. His skills extend to process improvement and team management.