About us :

We are a group of Passionate and Qualified Professionals who are focused in providing Customized Solutions in the area of Accounting and Finance

We offer various Learning Solutions and Consulting services in Business Finance, aiming to Empower Students, Corporate Executives and Business Owners for helping them to excel in their respective fields. We strongly believe that supporting our clients in enhancing their skills will definitely launch them to the next level.

Based in Bengaluru, we strive to bring a change in the “Art of Doing Work”

Our Management

CA. Sowjanya GK

Founder and CEO

CA. Sowjanya G.K., Founder and CEO of S.G.K Skill Solutions, is a distinguished Chartered Accountant with 22 years of experience in finance and accounting. An alumna of M.E.S College, she completed her articleship at Deloitte and qualified as a CA in 2006. Her career spans prestigious roles at KPMG, EY, and esteemed academic institutions like IBS Bangalore, Symbiosis Bangalore, and ICAI Bangalore.

She has received numerous awards, including ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Above and Beyond’ at KPMG, and the ‘IBSAF Best Teacher Award’ at IBS Bangalore, reflecting her excellence in both professional practice and education.

Entrepreneurial Endeavours: At S.G.K Skill Solutions, she spearheads consulting and upskilling initiatives in finance, notably developing the ‘Finance Role Readiness Program (FRRP)’ to equip students with industry-relevant skills. Her innovative approach is highlighted by her work in providing ‘Data Insights’ via PowerBI on Business Finance.

Consulting Expertise: Sowjanya is renowned for her expertise in Accounting Advisory, specializing in US GAAP, IFRS, and Ind AS Convergence and Compliance. She simplifies complex accounting standards for professionals, bridging the gap between academia and the corporate world.

Visionary Leadership: Her leadership blends traditional expertise with innovative practices, offering advisory solutions to SMEs and large corporates alike. Sowjanya’s commitment to excellence and development in finance and accounting is evident in her extensive contributions to education and industry.

Our Advisory Members:

CMA. Sri V. K. Gopal

Advisor, Mentor & Coach

CMA. Sri V. K. Gopal is a revered mentor in accounting and finance, known for his dedication to excellence and transformative impact on the field. His wisdom and guidance have propelled the careers of countless professionals and students.

Professional Experience: Sri V. K. Gopal has 10 years of experience with the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) office in Bangalore, serving 5 years as an Auditor and 5 years as an Audit Officer. He audited major government entities, including KSRTC, Government Soap Factory, VISL, HAL, ITI, BEL, BHEL, and HMT. He then joined HMT Bangalore as Deputy Manager, Finance and Accounts, and retired as General Manager, Finance.

Mentorship and Coaching: With extensive experience in government audits and corporate finance, Sri V. K. Gopal excels in guiding and mentoring aspiring students, helping them become industry-ready. His contributions to accounting and finance have made a lasting impact, earning him high respect in the industry.

Dr. Janardhan T.G

Advisor & Principal Consultant

Dr. Janardhan T.G., a renowned academician, author, and mentor, retired as Principal of MES College of Arts, Commerce & Science in Bangalore after a 36-year career in education. His expertise continues to guide students and teachers towards excellence.

Academic Background: Dr. Janardhan holds a Ph.D. and an M.Phil from Periyar University and an M.Com from Bangalore University, where he graduated with III Rank. He also has a B.Com from MES College and a PG Diploma in Journalism from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore.

Publications: He has authored several textbooks for PUC and B.Com courses, including “Accountancy I & II,” “Business Studies I & II,” “Financial Accounting,” and “Corporate Accounting,” published by Kalyani Publishers.

Research and Conferences: Dr. Janardhan has presented 54 papers at national and international conferences, earning several best paper awards.

Leadership and Teaching: He has held leadership roles such as Editor of the MES College Annual – Ankura, Convenor of the Commerce Club, and NSS Programme Officer for 25 years. He has also trained CPT – CA and MBA students and served as a guest lecturer at various institutions.

Dr. Janardhan’s contributions to commerce education and student development have made a lasting impact, inspiring future leaders through his dedicated mentorship and innovative teaching.

Our Business Team:

Suresh T.R.

Director of Business Operations

Mr. Sureshbabu T.R., with an MCA and MBA, boasts over 21 years of diverse experience in management, retail, healthy food services, academic administration, business development, marketing, and technology. As the Director of Business Operations at S.G.K Solutions in Bangalore, he leverages his extensive background to drive business success.

Professional Experience: Mr. Suresh has a decade of experience in Dubai, leading entrepreneurial ventures. He has also played significant roles in technology and solar energy firms, contributing to their growth. At IBS Bangalore (ICFAI GROUP), he enhanced academic excellence as Academics Administration Manager.

Key Achievements: With over 10 years of overseas experience, Mr. Suresh has managed 100+ IT and CCTV projects. His leadership and strategic planning have driven high performance and growth in academic administration and business development.

Areas of Expertise: Mr. Suresh specializes in general management, business development, marketing strategies, client relationship management, project management, and technology integration, enabling him to lead teams effectively and implement innovative solutions.

Chetan M

Steer of Learning Solutions

Chethan M, a successful Financial Analyst at Wells Fargo, excels in enhancing financial reporting, reconciliation, and issue resolution processes. Proficient in data analysis and Microsoft Office, he effectively communicates in multiple languages. Holding a Master of Commerce degree, Chethan leverages his strong educational foundation to drive analytical insights and strategic decision-making.

Holding a Master of Commerce degree, Chethan leverages a strong educational foundation to drive analytical insights and strategic decision-making. Passionate about teaching and mentoring, he is associated with S.G.K Skill Solutions, actively engaging in learning solution programs to empower students with essential skills and knowledge.

With a blend of hands-on experience, technical expertise, and a commitment to education, Chethan brings valuable insights and leadership to any team or learning environment.

Dinesh D.V

Associate Catalyst

Dinesh D.V, a commerce graduate and national-level sports player, combines focus and dedication in his role at S.G.K Skill Solutions. As an Associate Catalyst, he significantly contributes to learning solutions, branding, and allied initiatives, driving success with his strong academic background and competitive spirit.

Dinesh is proficient in customizing training programs to align with organizational objectives, ensuring that employee development is both relevant and impactful. His experience in conducting thorough needs assessments allows him to identify skill gaps and training requirements accurately. Additionally, Dinesh is adept at evaluating the effectiveness of training programs, using feedback and performance metrics to drive continuous improvement.

His ability to integrate analytical thinking with creative training solutions consistently delivers positive outcomes for both employees and the organization

Ranjith H.C

Steer of Finance Operations

Ranjith H C is a skilled finance professional with extensive experience in GST returns, bookkeeping, and indirect taxation. Proficient in ERP systems like Tally and manual bookkeeping using Microsoft Excel, he ensures precise financial management. Ranjith’s expertise in IGCRD rules and the RODTEP scheme highlights his ability to navigate complex tax regulations.

He has successfully led teams in bank internal audits and developed comprehensive project presentations, showcasing his strong leadership skills. Ranjith’s dedication to compliance and accuracy makes him a valuable asset in financial operations. Ranjith has also demonstrated exceptional analytical skills, enabling him to interpret financial data and provide strategic insights. His commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest tax laws ensures that his knowledge remains relevant and impactful. Ranjith’s strong communication skills facilitate effective collaboration with cross-functional teams, enhancing overall productivity. Moreover, his proactive approach to problem-solving allows him to address financial challenges efficiently, contributing to the organization’s success.

Punith J

Steer of IT Operations

Punith Janardhan is a highly skilled professional with a strong background in computer science, demonstrated through exceptional projects in inventory management, gas management, and advanced machine learning-based agricultural systems. Proficient in Python, Java, MySQL, and cybersecurity, he holds certifications in cloud computing, security, and database fundamentals from reputable institutions such as IBM and Microsoft.

Punith has a keen interest in multimedia production, serving as a freelance video editor alongside his role as a Cybersecurity Analyst intern. This unique blend of technical skills and creativity allows him to excel in both IT and multimedia production domains. His versatility extends to digital marketing activities and data analytics assignments, where he leverages his analytical mindset and technical acumen to deliver results for clients.

With a commitment to continuous learning and a passion for innovation, Punith brings a dynamic skill set to any project or team environment.