Analyst Role Readiness Program (ARRP)

A degree alone is not enough to secure a good career in today’s labor market. Candidates with strong analytical abilities and industry-specific knowledge are now in high demand by employers. In order to educate undergraduates for analyst careers, educational institutions have acknowledged this trend and implemented specific curricula. One notable program that aims to give second-semester undergraduates the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in this fiercely competitive sector is the Analyst Role Readiness Program (ARRP).


1. To bridge the gap between academics and industry in terms of readiness of participants for various job roles.

2. Provides inputs to acquire MS Office skills in the forms of Word, Excel and PowerPoint topics that can help students to get into any field in the industry.

Key Take Away

1. To provide practical analyst role clarity concepts by simulated scenarios

 2. To help application of concepts for analyst role like Financial ratios, Basic & Macros in excel, Power BI, Basic Dashboard, Introduction of SQL

3. To train students to be brief and clear in articulation of use of ARRP and its features relevant for any industry use.

Who and When:

1. Undergraduate Postgraduate and students in Commerce stream.

2. During the ongoing academic year.



1. Prepares for specific job roles like analyst, Data analyst, intern, trainee, etc.,

2. Helping the participants in shaping their career by providing them inputs for professional and upskilling choices for their aspired career in an analyst role.

 3. Ready to emerge into the any industry field with confidence.