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Learning/Upskilling Solutions

Finance Awareness Program (FAP)
Finance Role Readiness Program (FRRP)
Accounting Standards
Training Program
Customized Upskilling Program in Finance and Accounts domain

Standard services

Finance Function Support

Certification & Attestation


Policy Strengthening & Documentation

Customized services

Ind AS/ IFRS Convergence

Process Study 

Transaction Advisory

Negotiation & Business Valuation

1 to 1 Coaching

SWOT Assessment and MIS Implementation
Growth consulting
Cost Management Advisory
Strategies to improve Profitability and Liquidity

Why Choose us?

Related experience and favorable feedback

Have a rich and hands-on experience in planning and executing Business Finance Consulting projects for business entities and Learning Solutions for Business Finance and Accounting Topics and gained consistently favorable feedback.

Personalized Assessment

Assessment and evaluation are done basis of which feedback is provided individual client wise in both Business Consulting and Learning Solutions projects.


Learning Solutions: We customize the content in the form of cases and references to Accounting Standards and according to the job profiles of the team, the participant is transitioning into.

Business Finance Consulting: We identify their needs to address problem areas like Profitability, Liquidity, Standardization, Compliance Aspects, etc. 



Career Acceleration for Finance Executives

C.A.F.E offers a wide range of brunch options/modules for your finance/accounting competency appetite.      


Business Finance Consulting & Advisory

Standard services
  1.Finance Function Support
  2.Certification & Attestation
  4.Policy Strengthening & Documentation
Customized services
  1.Ind AS/ IFRS Convergence
  2.Process Study
  3.Transaction Advisory
  4.Negotiation & Business Valuation

Learning/Upskilling Solutions

To Corporate executives and Students aspiring for a career in finance

1. Finance Awareness Program (FAP) –Basic & Advance Level
      (For Non-Finance personnel – Also called Finance for Non-Finance Program)
2. Finance Role Readiness Program (FRRP) – Basic & Advance Level (Induction Stage)
3. Accounting Standards Training Program – Ind AS & IFRS & US GAAP
4. Customised Upskilling Program in Finance and Accounts domain

1 to 1 coaching

I am on a Mission to coach Business Owners to help them understand and analyze their business finances by mentoring them which will create the required clarity that will ultimately help them to make the right decisions to scale up their businesses.

1.       SWOT Assessment and MIS Implementation:

2.       Growth consulting

3.       Cost Management Advisory

4.       Strategies to improve Profitability and Liquidity


To help business owners to understand their Business Finance in the most practical way. We help business to understand their profitability and liquidity in their business. Business Owners need to be aware of their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in their business and this is called SWOT Analysis. We help business owners to get the advantage large corporate entities have in terms of how business is run and managed with scale and growth in mind.

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