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Finance Role Readiness Program (FRRP)

Comprehensive Readiness Programs: Curated trainings for undergraduates and postgraduates in finance and accounting for enhancing their industry readiness and bridging the academic-industry gap.
Job Interview and Selection Training: Equips students with essential communication and problem-solving skills for successful job interviews and selection processes.
Industry-Specific Inputs: Focuses on practical skills and real-world applications, preparing students for professional success in various fields.

DataDrench Insights (DDI)

Insightful Financial Analysis with PowerBI: Turn dull numbers into decision making visuals for tracking sales, reducing expenses, enhancing profitability, ensuring smooth cash flow and capital optimization
Interactive and Mobile-Friendly Reports: Engage with your data through interactive reports and access insights anywhere with mobile compatibility.
Real-Time, Secure Data Management: Instant financial insights with lightweight, easy-to-navigate, and secure dashboards.

Why choose us?

We have a rich and hands-on experience in planning and executing Business Finance Consulting projects for business entities, and providing Learning Solutions for Business Finance and Accounting topics. Our efforts have consistently garnered favorable feedback.

Assessment and evaluation are done basis of which feedback is provided individual client wise in both Business Consulting and Learning Solutions projects.

Our Clientele

Our Mission for Business Finance Consulting

We are on a MISSION to coach Business Owners to help them understand and analyse their business finances by mentoring them which will create the required clarity that will ultimately help them to take the right decisions in their businesses.

Attributes of DataDrench Insights

Our Mission for Learning Solutions

We are on a MISSION to help students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in finance/accounting domain, to enhance their Skills by hand holding & facilitating them which will provide them with the required finance role competencies that will eventually help them to accelerate in their careers

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