Industry Role Readiness Program (IRRP)

In the technologically advanced and fast-paced world of today, students need to be prepared with the fundamental skills required for a successful job. Educational institutions have implemented the Industry Role Readiness Program (IRRP) in recognition of this necessity. This extensive training program is especially made to equip first-semester undergraduate students with the knowledge and self-assurance they need to succeed in the profession by building their abilities and confidence. 


1. To bridge the gap between academics and industry in terms of readiness of participants for various job roles.

 2. Provides inputs on basic analyst role clarity that can help students to get into any field in the industry

Key Take Away  

1. To provide practical perspective of MS Office concepts by simulated scenarios 


2. To help application of concepts in word, excel and PowerPoint like email writing report, resume building, brochures, popular excel features, etc.


3. To train students to be brief and clear in articulation of use of MS Office and its features relevant for any industry use.


Who and When  

1. Undergraduate Postgraduate and students Commerce stream.

2. During the ongoing academic year.


1. Prepares for specific job roles like analyst, consultant, executive, associate, trainee, etc., assistant, intern,

2. Helping the participants in shaping their career by providing them inputs for professional and upskilling choices for their aspired career in finance

 3. Ready to emerge into the any industry field with confidence.